Eulora auction, March 6th

Monday, 29 February, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The February 28th auction went pretty well. Here's the log :

Sun 28-Feb-2016 15:08:01 Mircea Mircescu
(15:08:01) >Welcome to the gossip channel! 4 players in this channel.
(15:08:01) >When a NPC marries, it exchanges the attentions of many
players for the neglect of one.
(15:08:53) >Mircea Mircescu dropped 30 Rock Double Distillate Thesises.
(15:08:57) >Mircea Mircescu dropped 30 Wood Double Distillate Thesises.
(15:09:01) >Mircea Mircescu dropped 50 Doubtful Tome Doodles.
(15:09:05) >Mircea Mircescu dropped 100 Giant's Rotten Canines.
(15:09:21) Mircea says: so as Trilema dictates, i have before me in the
approximater shape of a penis.
(15:09:38) Mircea says: some distillate recipes, some long rotten teeth
and other dubious items of certain value.
(15:09:48) Mircea says: the lot to belong to the winner of the auction!
(15:10:04) Mircea says: and we're off to the races, starting at 12,5mn ECu
(15:10:07) Mircea says: anyone got 12.5 ?
(15:10:12) Foxy says: 12.5
(15:10:22) Mircea says: 12.5 heard from the foxy lady on my left
(15:10:30) Grenadine says: 13.5
(15:10:44) Mircea says: and 13.5 from the other lady strategically placed
at the tip
(15:10:54) Foxy says: 15
(15:10:55) Mircea says: 13.5 + tip going inonce...
(15:11:01) Mircea says: 15 heard! back at the fox farm!
(15:11:11) Grenadine says: 17
(15:11:12) Mircea says: and going once...
(15:11:15) Mircea says: 17 heard!
(15:11:28) Mircea says: ah sweet 17! can anyone beat 17 ?
(15:11:41) Mircea says: well... some can and some others do, but anyway!
going... twice!
(15:11:43) Daniel says: 17.9
(15:11:50) Mircea says: 17.9 heard frtom the gent.
(15:11:57) Grenadine says: 19
(15:12:00) Mircea says: apparently he likes coming in late
(15:12:07) Mircea says: and 19mn from Grenadine
(15:12:15) Mircea says: who got more than 19 ?
(15:12:16) Daniel says: 20
(15:12:23) Mircea says: 20 heard!
(15:12:33) Mircea says: aaand 20 going once...
(15:12:35) Foxy goes back to making shaped slag
(15:12:41) Grenadine says: 22
(15:12:45) Mircea says: aaaand going... 22 heard!
(15:12:53) Daniel says: 23.1
(15:13:05) Grenadine says: 24.5
(15:13:07) Mircea says: 23.1 heard back at the ranch
(15:13:17) Mircea says: and 24.5 just this much short of a full quarter
(15:13:21) Daniel says: 25.8
(15:13:26) Mircea says: the almost quarter going once...
(15:13:31) Mircea says: 25.8 heard
(15:13:36) Grenadine says: 27.5
(15:13:44) Mircea says: and 27.5!
(15:13:57) Mircea says: 27.5 going....going...
(15:14:00) Daniel says: 28.9
(15:14:05) Mircea says: 28.9 heard.
(15:14:18) Grenadine says: 30.5
(15:14:20) Mircea says: who can beat 28.9 million ECu for the dentistry
discardments ?
(15:14:24) Mircea says: 30.5 heard!
(15:14:34) Mircea says: and going once
(15:14:37) Daniel says: 32.1
(15:14:46) Mircea says: 32.1 heard!
(15:14:50) Grenadine says: 34
(15:14:53) Mircea says: thats a nice counting sum.
(15:14:58) Daniel says: 35.7
(15:14:58) Mircea says: and 34 heard!
(15:15:03) Mircea says: and 35.7 in turn
(15:15:04) Grenadine says: 38
(15:15:05) >Korgan Stonekrusher has died!
(15:15:07) Mircea says: who's got 50 ? lemme see it ?
(15:15:11) Daniel says: 40
(15:15:12) Mircea says: 38 heard!
(15:15:14) Mircea says: and 40
(15:15:18) Grenadine says: 45
(15:15:21) Mircea says: and 45!
(15:15:28) Daniel says: 47.3
(15:15:31) Mircea says: 45 going once, who's got the 50 comeon
(15:15:33) Mircea says: 47.3!
(15:15:37) Grenadine says: 50 here
(15:15:44) Mircea says: 50 heard at long last! meat today!
(15:15:45) Daniel says: 52.5
(15:15:51) Mircea says: and 52.5 heard. and going.... once
(15:15:53) Grenadine says: 60
(15:15:57) Mircea says: 60 heard!
(15:16:02) Mircea says: who can beat 60 ?
(15:16:16) Mircea says: check out Foxy way over there doing slag
(15:16:16) Daniel says: 63
(15:16:19) Mircea waves
(15:16:23) Mircea says: and 63 heard!
(15:16:31) Grenadine says: 70
(15:16:37) Foxy waves back
(15:16:39) Daniel conceeds
(15:16:43) Mircea says: 70 heavens to betsy!
(15:16:50) Mircea says: 70 going once.... and going twice...
(15:16:50) Foxy says: of
(15:17:08) Mircea says: if anyone of the everyone here wants it more than
70 say now because....
(15:17:20) Mircea says: SOLD! to Grenadine Sippycup for 70 shiny millions!
(15:17:28) Foxy says: congrats Grenadine
(15:17:31) >Mircea Mircescu picked up 30 Rock Double Distillate Thesises
(15:17:32) Grenadine says: sweet that oughta solve my taxidermy problems
(15:17:32) >Mircea Mircescu picked up 50 Doubtful Tome Doodles
(15:17:34) >Mircea Mircescu picked up 30 Wood Double Distillate Thesises
(15:17:35) >You struggle under the weight of your inventory and must drop
(15:17:35) >Mircea Mircescu picked up 100 Giant's Rotten Canines
(15:17:49) Mircea says: lol. trade me if you will mlady
(15:17:53) >Grenadine asks to trade with you.
(15:17:54) >You agree to trade.
(15:18:07) >Grenadine gave Mircea 70000000 Copper.
(15:18:07) >Mircea gave Grenadine 30 Rock Double Distillate Thesises, 30
Wood Double Distillate Thesises, 100 Giant's Rotten Canines, and 50
Doubtful Tome Doodles.
(15:18:07) >Trade complete
(15:18:11) Mircea says: eenjoy!
(15:18:27) Grenadine says: ty
(15:18:30) Mircea goes back to digging rr
(15:19:43) >You start to explore.
(15:25:40) >You've gained some practice points in Gathering.
(15:25:40) >You got a Small Rickety Reeds Exploration Marker!

Pretty neat, huh ? This third auction's 70 mn ECu added to the previous auction's 20.5 mn ECu and to the February the 21st's 23 mn ECu as well as to the February 14th's whopperi of 140mn ECu mark an absolute high mark for S.MG monthly sales : 253.5 mn ECu, or a little over two and a half Bitcoin's worth of virtual game coinage.ii

Since there's still significant shortages that have to be remedied from the outside, the Sunday Auctions will continue with

    3 Small Grotesque Altar Conceptions, q 200, qB 76`662 ECu, 229`986 TV ECu.

to be offered at public auction on behalf of S.MG on March 6th, 2016 starting at 17:00 ART, for an opening bid of 230`000 ECu.

See you there!

  1. The variance is pretty dazzling, I must observe. They do say that auctions are the best price discovery mechanism available, but then it would follow that the bundles auctioned were actually worth sums in this wild a swinging array of digits ? Or maybe auctions aren't all they're cracked out to be and people aren't quite as rational as they think themselves ? Questions for wiser people than I. []
  2. Add to this the ~250 mn ECu Electron Spirover put aside as mark-up on his massively successful mining bundle offerings that sold nigh on a billion's worth, and all of a sudden we're talking some serious dough.

    This also means that the cash floating in game literally fell off a cliff - cash reduction in February 2016 is the most significant of any month to date, from a high of 3`032 mn to a low of 1`805 mn - which nevertheless and quite notably STILL leaves the cash volume in game above the 1`346 mn level it was at the close of January. []

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  2. [...] sold on auction Sunday for 10 mn ECu, which is 0.1 BTC or about $65. This isn't by any means a record, just happens to be the most recent [...]

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