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Saturday, 25 June, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The Rotherhami incident finally percolated through the many layers of the Britsh reptile brain, resulting in a sound quashing of The Delusionistsii.

The important point established by that 17.4 mn vs 16.1 mn vote isn't anything in the direct. The important point is the huge, immense, shattering destruction of "projections", "polls", "predictions" and assorted verbiage. Newcastle predicted 66/33, actual result 50/49. How can polls be this wrong ?

Polls can be this wrong because a thin sliver "at the top", The Delusionals, have an investment in reality turning a certain way. So they falsify. They falsify everything : the polls, the language, their own perceptionsiii and natural inclinationsiv. The only problem is that their top is hallucinated, and the falsification rather coarse.

And so, they lose - a state which flatters itself with the notion that it has a "conservative" ie non-socialist and a "labour" ie, socialist-ish alternation discovers it rests upon a society which thinks that the "conservative" tchotchke is so far off to the left for their taste, they can't even be bothered to distinguish it from say maoism, let alone the other Campbell's soup can on offer. The Delusionists thought themselves firmly in control, able to do anything through the magical magic of wordspinning, and they discover themselves entirely powerless. Who could possibly have predicted!

This will of course, in practical terms, spell the end of "Britain", to be soon crushed under the flailing pressure of the Socialist International, the self-appointed representative of a hallucinated "public opinion" of "all the civilised people", these magical unicorns that apparently all "agree" with Soros & co but somehow (inexplicably!) don't turn out to vote. "Moral majority", what! So, so exactly alike to the USG-driven "majority consensus" in Bitcoin that I effortlessly crushed a couple of years ago that it outright bleeds! Exact same fucking thing.

So yes, Scotland will quit, Ireland will quit, possibly even Wales will become a sort of its own Andorra, and London will be left as a city state, except of the sand bar variety. From a Rhodesian perspective this is deliciously poetic justice, by the way. The very people who crushed, for absolutely no reason (other than ideological intolerance), a perfectly respectable, functional country get to see their own country crushedv, in exactly the same way and for exactly the same reasons, by exactly their erstwhile allies! What more can you ask for, it's barely been a half century!

But as glorious as all this is for our good friends the buggered gits, the European Union has it just about worse. The problem with socialist golums is that much like shrimp and other primitive sea creatures - they either grow or they die. In turn the problem with growing is that you have to eat, and the problem with eating is that as you keep growing, the things you have to eat get scarier and scarier. In all practical senses the EU was dead in the mid 1990s, when Turkey wanted to join, and they didn't dare take it in. That was it - the mere signal of the loss, however vague, of appetite is exactly equivalent to blood-in-the-water. The Piranhas aren't waiting for more, it's the end.

Turkey was scary for exactly the wrong reasons : a large Muslim population, a very strong military and commercial infrastructure in desperate need of investment. The correct move, for an EU that had a king rather than a shitfest, was to take Turkey, benefit from a 2`000% increase in military readiness while enjoying the immigration of about 70 million of the world's most skilled, peace-loving, civilised and economically capable Muslims. Yes, it would have required printing a few trillion euros, but those euros would have been well spent - building up an economy that'd have consolitated the EU advantage over the US and made it almost a partner for China. Moreover, the Turks were politically pliable and quite sexually lubricated, eager as all fuck to take the penis in and treat it well. Sadly for the old folk's home, the penis didn't get up, and Erdogan found himself stuck building the country up on his own. Which he did.

Twenty years later, there's a second chance, and it's fucking ugly. The EU must, imperatively and under any conditions, coax Russia to join. This is exactly like the Venetian whores welcoming Charles' men, no doubt about it. It is also the unforgiving reality in the field : you didn't want to fuck Turks, well now, bend over for the Russians, and hope they get tired before you get too sore. The EU would gain a sure footing in mineral supplies, a population roughly twice that of Turkey's - but hey, at least they're white peoplevi - and an army which, in all likelihood, is capable of defeating the United States in the field. The EU would also lose pretty much everything it holds dear, which is to say political independence. Nevertheless, considering what they used it for in the past decadesvii, losing it seems like a great improvement.

REU, the new Russia-European Union, with the seat of government in Moscow, with mandatory Russian for all matters of government and policy concerning the ~650 million citizens, with maybe some representativity for the current EU members, but nothing too radical - say maybe 1/3 of the seats in the Duma. That is the only hope of the European Union, as a political construction.

Will they take it ? Heh. As is traditional for idiots since the invention of history, the correct solution is literally the last thing they want. They might acquiesce to it once all other alternatives have been exhausted, and certainly not before. The only problem with this being that the Africa alternative can never be exhausted - Africa itself has been trying to find the bottom of the smegma barrel since about 150`000 years ago and it's still digging and wallowing. So - no, it's the end.

Let it be forever remembered that "democracy", "human rights", and especially a misguided search for "equality" and a dumbfoundingly stupid denial of violence caused the collapse of white civilisation. It may serve other people, in the future.

  1. If you're unfamiliar, or to quote Mr. DeWitt,

    To those of you who do not read, attend the Theater, listen to unsponsored radio programs or know anything of the world in which we live - it is perhaps necessary to introduce Rotherham.

    So be it, let's introduce Rotherham. It is a large dormitory town where ~1`400 white girls were used as sex slaves by a large group of Pakis (mostly cab drivers). Importantly, this was done with the girls' consent, extracted in the manner consent from girls is traditionally extracted. To quote,

    mircea_popescu so in that town, there once were a bunch of girlies, which for whatever reason grew up with the impression that they're not plainly wrapped fuckmeat for some dudes.
    mircea_popescu and actualised this delusion by bitching at who knows what.
    mircea_popescu next thing you know, one's doused in gasoline begging for no lights and the other's staring at text messages in her cellphone about her sister and so forth.
    mircea_popescu so they DO change their mind, and go take their place in the line of plainly wrapped, bipedal fuckmeat.
    mircea_popescu it, apparently, for them, worked just fine.

    williamdunne Well the only references I'm seeing to it are describing it as a traumatic experience. While traumatic can be a force for good I can't see anything suggesting it did her any particular favours
    mircea_popescu you gotta be kidding me.
    mircea_popescu how about the references where they withdrew complaints / ran off from the da the day of testimony / etc ?
    mircea_popescu how about the references where hundreds of people were involved in raping thousands of preteens for a decade + and all the ridiculous queen's men got are five convictions for less than five years a head ?
    mircea_popescu those dudes are going to be out before next year's out, they probably just wanted a break.

    williamdunneThat sounds more like it went well for the one pouring the gas, than her
    mircea_popescu uhm.
    mircea_popescu don't impose your values on others mkay ?
    mircea_popescu went great for her, she's rapemeat, she loves it, ask her!
    mircea_popescu da couldn't get her to say otherwise, after all.
    mircea_popescu so no, people aren't these magical snowflakes made out of independent thought and closely held principle. that view is chiefly an economical surplus phenomena, people tend to form that view if they live for too long unchallenged. otherwise, people are lazy and small. some smaller than lazy, some lazier than small. but by and large not worth the mention.

    Ex-post facto consent, it's a thing. Actually, it's the thing at the basis of most marriages to date, the world over. Problem ? []

  2. Also known as the Aspirational 14% (after a Ballas piece), sometimes rendered the Aspie, to mark the obvious link to Asperger's. []
  3. Consider this :

    So we understand each other : John is some poor and kinda stupid kid from some ghetto in some indistinct townlet. One day, Mircea the Bad comes there on whatever business, sits down in the bar with his two bitches curled up at his feet and drinks a rum or something. The girls from the ghetto, for love of their country (in our example, that sad ghetto) pick John up forcibly, sit him down at the table next to mine and curl at his feet, just like the other two. They're definitely not slavegirls, they have neither the training nor the skills nor in the end the needs or structure of that relationship, and no marble columns, no gardens where water sprinkles among the cypress nor artesian fountains springing forth marzipan await them at home, but instead the nude concrete walls, the tchotchke, the bedbug infested pressed shitboard nightstand. But indifferent to all these points, they play a role to support a theory : the theory that here too, in the assghetto of shit "we got fine stuff", and a John who, even if only four letters long, is still quite as great as any Mircea come from afar.

    Well, that's patriotism, the girls in this example show "love of their ghetto" and that's the thing upon which socialist Romania was built, if you're curious - a structure otherwise borrowed from Carlist Romania. Totul pentru patrie!

    People are fundamentally capable of lying to themselves. Arguably women are a lot more capable than men, but then again in their case it's a biological imperative and so perhaps excusable - if they weren't, the species would end.

    People have been lying to themselves, pretending to be outraged where they weren't even moved, pretending to care about things they couldn't begin to even summon the interest to inform themselves about, the list is indeed long. []

  4. Consider the case of this failed cocksucker, not that she's by any means alone. []
  5. To remind the reader : Rhodesia per-capita income went down 92.3% over five decades. Will you beat the numbers ? []
  6. Yes, this means less dumb. Deal with it. []
  7. Seriously, what did they use it for ? When the US kidnapped that Frenchman, the EU did what ? Why do you think they don't dare kidnap Chinese or Russian citizens ?

    When the US decided to play the empire in the desert, resulting in a wave of immigration unseen since the days of Atilla the Hun, who picked up the bill ? Are you sending a note for ten trillion to Yellen yet ?

    When Obama wanted to see if Merkel has any selfies on her phone, did you... what did you do again, I forget, did you protest was it ? Strenuously or just plainly ? Aww!

    Fuck you, you don't need sovereignity for any purpose. You're born and bred slaves, go serve a throne, this world is really not for you. There's a lot of self-fulfillment and outright joy to be found in chains, my slavegirls can attest. []

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  1. Solid analysis. Putin's about the only character with the wherewithal to handle that much territory. A third for the Anglos and Saxons is plenty too.

    Other ExUit wordplays, Croatia : Crow Eating ; Ireland : I R Leaving.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 26 June 2016

    Well, Putin's kinda waning I guess. But the fact remains Russia has a lot of land that needs developing and the euros have a lot of lazy apes that'd benefit immensely from a decade or so in a labour camp ; not to mention tons of "money" that'd benefit immensely from some actual backing.

  3. Gypsy Kings`s avatar
    Gypsy Kings 
    Saturday, 27 July 2019

    When the US kidnapped that Frenchman, the EU did what ? Why do you think they don't dare kidnap Chinese or Russian citizens ?

    What about the case of Huawei's CFO - Meng Wanzhou?

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 27 July 2019

    Michael Kovrig et al.

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