Women and incentives in tech

Sunday, 28 June, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Quoth the Gnu :

The recognition that rewards can have counter-productive effects is based on a variety of studies, [...]

Quoth MP :

MP It is strictly based on a felonious substitution. It is exactly like saying "sex can be unpleasant for women" on the basis of the sex we practice being very violent rape. The shit the puritan US does for "rewards" is NOT the statu quo. It is just the retarded, intellectually bankrupt, morally offensive charicature of the world that USian puritans came up with.
ALF Hey, engineering constraint. Just like sex in afghan means 'with donkey', to 1st approx.

MP So... no. Rewards do reward. Being associated with the refuse of white civilisation neither reduces to that, nor stands for it, nor is it a basis for drawing any sort of conclusions. women-and-incentives-in-techOf course nobody sane or thinking wishes to be associated with the filth. Just like I wouldn't take a nobel on the basis that I do not wish to have the shit they gave Obama. "Oh, recognition has counter-productive effects". No. Perelman rejected the recognition you were offering BECAUSE IT CAME FROM YOU. Not "because it was recognition full stop". And no, promises to pay from Josh Garza are not Bitcoin. And no, the "opinions" of Tim Swanson are NOT opinions. Because no WoT. And so fucking on. The source matters first and foremost. Just like you cant have "a message" without first having the key to decrypt the .asc with.

That'd be it. And no, ISIS isn't bombing you because they don't understand how the world works.

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