What MP wants, MP gets. Also, prayers are answered.

Sunday, 02 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

As Eulora progresses new bottlenecks keep getting exposed, which I suppose should be unsurprising.

As players managed to crash past the issue of supplying enough Wooly Mushrooms and Spicy Moss to keep the toolmaking machine churning, as enough Clumps of Dry Grass were found to keep the Small claims exploitable, as enough Shiny Rock and Flotsam flowed into Heina's coffers to support the ever flowing geiser of Slag, mother of all Euloran inventions, as Diana discovered the key to the trove of Toves, as Daniel managed to find enough Two Leaf Clover to keep the Alchemist's Cheap Gin cycle going, it turned out that the entire Faith line hangs on Better Beetle Brews, which do require one Magical Dungbeetle per.

For two weeks now this seemingly unsurmountable obstacle stood, seemingly unsurmountable. And so, yesterday :

(20:50:36) Daniel says: i was mistaken: supplications take 2 brews each
(20:50:43) Daniel says: or at least the ones i have here do
(20:50:52) Mircea says: so you can try one ?

(20:51:02) Daniel says: yep gonna make the chicken scribblings one
(20:51:10) Daniel says: as i've already sacrificed rocks and murky
(20:51:23) Mircea says: gl!

(21:04:13) Mircea says: got anything ?
(21:05:03) Daniel says: haven't tried yet
(21:05:13) Daniel says: the description of the supplication says something about "say"ing a prayer
(21:05:19) Daniel says: i'm gonna try something
(21:06:31) Daniel says: I pray that the location of a rich magical dungbeetle deposit become revealed to me

And then today :

(14:48:08) Foxy tells you: mbinei
(14:48:10) Foxy tells you: ma duc dupa mossii
(14:48:12) Foxy tells you: altceva?iii
(14:48:15) You tell Foxy: ordinary daca vrei iti scot.iv
(14:48:18) You tell Foxy: pai niste dung beetle.v

(14:48:23) Foxy tells you: aham, mdavi
(14:48:33) You tell Foxy: si gagica aia fainavii
(14:49:14) You tell Foxy: si o sticla infinita.viii

(14:49:28) Foxy tells you: lol infinitaix
(14:49:46) You tell Foxy: preferabil albastrax
(14:49:50) You tell Foxy: da mnoa, te orientezi si tuxi

(14:50:13) Foxy tells you: da, ma duc sa orientezxii

(14:52:19) You tell Foxy: bai deci sed in argentina, craftez bitcoini si ascult albastru infinit.xiii
(14:52:25) You tell Foxy: postmodernism curat.xiv

(14:52:25) Foxy tells you: bre, a gasit astaxv
(14:52:29) Foxy tells you: magical dungbeetle
(14:52:33) Foxy tells you: wow
(14:52:35) You tell Foxy: no $@!$@!$ way ?!
(14:52:40) You tell Foxy: AHAHAHAHA WOOT

(14:52:44) Foxy tells you: daaaa
(14:52:48) You tell Daniel: WELL DONE YO

(14:52:53) Foxy tells you: si sa moara jeana unde eraxvi
(14:53:00) You tell Foxy: lol unde ?xvii

(14:53:08) Foxy tells you: tot aici aproape de wmxviii
(14:53:10) Foxy tells you: in valea astaxix
(14:53:12) Foxy tells you: loool
(14:53:13) You tell Foxy: secxx

(14:53:14) Daniel tells you: :
(14:53:16) Daniel tells you: :D
(14:53:20) You tell Daniel: kill it!
(14:53:28) You tell Daniel: 500 of them if you bring me, ima brew
(14:53:32) You tell Daniel: the lot

(14:53:40) Foxy tells you: deci sa vad acum cum e cu sticla infinita, lolxxi
(14:53:46) You tell Foxy: sec tu
(14:54:03) You tell Foxy: bombardati-l in pula see you later stickurile ca mai facxxii
(14:54:17) You tell Foxy: asta "in pula cu" va deveni expresie
(14:54:25) You tell Foxy: in pula see you laterxxiii

So I've made a batch of 21 brews, which is notable seeing that the previous 2 (made out of a coupla beetles Mod Seis had salvaged off Electron back before Electron went into the bottle and sold his entire stash to space afids) sold for 100k a pop on the grounds that they were the only two on the server (and they were the two that failed, above).

Who knows what the future brings! But whatever the future may bring - know that what MP wants, MP gets. And know that prayers are answered.


  1. Mkay. []
  2. I'ma go get moss. []
  3. Anything else ? []
  4. The ordinary, if you want, I'll dig out. []
  5. Well, some dung beetle. []
  6. Aha, right. []
  7. And that hot chick. []
  8. And an infinite bottle. []
  9. Lol infinite. []
  10. Preferably, blue. []
  11. But see what you can find. []
  12. Right. I'ma go and see. []
  13. Dude so... I'm sitting in Argentina, crafting Bitcoin and listening to Albastru Infinit. []
  14. Pure postmodernism. []
  15. Man, this guy found. []
  16. Jeana nu e moarta, Jeana se transforma. []
  17. Ha where ? []
  18. Here, close to Wooly Mushrooms []
  19. In this valley. []
  20. Dry. Which is a Romanian nonary superlative - it doesn't need terms. []
  21. So let me move on to infinite bottle now. []
  22. Bomb the shit out of it with the Chetty Sticks (super duper mining tools), I'm making more. []
  23. Stupid word filter replaces "cu" with "see you later", except cu is a common preposition in Romanian, means "with". And "in pula cu" is one of the more common forms of verbal penile usage. []
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6 Responses

  1. I had all the time (and still have) 4 beetles in store. Was not aware they are so rare and desired in upper crafting echelons.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 3 August 2015

    You can still prolly get a decent penny for it. But yeah, at some point (ie, for three to four week ending yesterday) they were easily over 10k. Just ask Daniel.

  3. Foxy Foxster`s avatar
    Foxy Foxster 
    Monday, 3 August 2015

    Those two brews you mention were not even the first ones - only the first ones you know of, maybe. Previously Daniel sacrificed a couple others he bought from me, still with the very same underwhelming results.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 4 August 2015

    Aha. Had no idea about that.

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