The trade hour

Thursday, 10 September, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Daniel Baron has a shop, and so when we met in game we did a little bit of trading. To wit :

(07:11:53) >Daniel gave Mircea 200 Leaky Treebark Flasks and 30000 Copper.
(07:11:53) >Mircea gave Daniel 1000000 Copper.
(07:11:53) >Trade complete

(07:16:31) >Mircea gave Daniel 1440000 Copper.
(07:16:31) >Daniel gave Mircea 3000 Indistinct Bark Shavingses.
(07:16:31) >Trade complete

(07:21:05) >Daniel gave Mircea 8000 Coarse Frangible Threads and 350000 Copper.
(07:21:05) >Mircea gave Daniel 3000000 Copper.
(07:21:05) >Trade complete

Shavingses, ain't that cute.

I've also made him an offer on his 4k Slag, but that one he declined. Be that as it may those LTF will make some wonderful Improbabe Oil which will then make some even more wonderful Tuber Milk which will be split into three : one third goes to making Dolce de Leche, one third goes to make Mollusc Cheese and one third stays as is. Together by their powers combined they make up the Suspect Ointment, and that's a good chunk of what's needed for an Unsteady Scaffolding which as discussed previously makes Worn Screens etc scl.

Meanwhile the IBS (together with some of the CFT) will make 250 more bottles, but this time high quality, which will also be filled with oil, but this time low quality, which I'll turn into Shaped Slag (for which I'd have needed his slag, see), to be made into mining tools, to be worn down and made into either improved mining tools or Bandar Toolkits, depending. But in this case mostly Toolkits. Which reminds me, earlier I ran into Foxy, with whom I'm at the Shaped Slag phase of this cycle (on a 200 bottle batch), so we did a little trading also!

(06:52:37) >Foxy gave Mircea 107 Worthless Putrid Leathers and 3036172 Copper.
(06:52:37) >Mircea gave Foxy 103 Pointy Clump of Slags, 2 Sharp Clump of Slags, 192 Shiny Rocks, and 500 Slags.
(06:52:37) >Trade complete

She also wanted SR to make some slag, because we cut a deal where I sold her high quality Slag of my own make, and I'll buy back her own slag in the same amount, and only charge on the value difference.i

All in all the turnover here is 970k + 1.44mn + 2.65mn + 3.03 mn = 8.09mn, or 0.08090000 BTC. One can fit just about 1`648 seconds between 06:52:37 and 07:21:05, and consequently Eulora trade flew at the rate of ~5k coppers a second during the interval here examinedii, which happens to be more than the per-second throughput of a vast majority of Bitcoin businesses out there. We're talking one if not even two standard deviations here.

Because Eulora's just that deviant, that's why.

PS. Foxy is looking for noob miners to dig up her Wooly Mushroom ordinaries, because I need a shitton of mushrooms to make oil with. Talk to her in-game.

  1. For an economy this young and this small, Eulora is incredibly rife with complex trade arrangments. This buyback sort of deal isn't all that rare, for one thing.

    For another thing, if someone has a rare item (such as often TLC) and wants the end products (usually ACG) I take the rare item for free and then only charge on the remainder basis. Specifically : Alchemist Cheap Gin is 1 to 1 Leaky Treebark Flask ; 1 to 1 Two Leaf Clover and 24 to 24 Nondescript Tubers. The base values for these are respectively 4`070, 1`086 and 28 * 87 = 2`436, making the end product base value = 7592. Normally I'd add a % to this value (and pretty significant at that, seeing how boiling one unit of ACG hits a Multifunctional Samovar for almost 3k in decay. But if the person provides their own TLC, I use as a basis 6506 instead of 7592.
    This way, if they wish to charge 10k extra per TLC, they can just add the 10k to whatever they paid for the ACG and get exactly the same end result - their internal accounting stays consistent - while production does not gring to a halt over my unwillingness to pay whatever they want to charge for my inputs (what to fairly charge for rare items is still very much an open problem, by the way).

    All this is, incidentally, perfectly consistend with the historical record, even if it contradicts naive assumptions of various progres about what exactly "progress" did to the world. The arrangements of trade were if anything more complex back when economies were "more primitive", because that complexity tracks the depth of actual human involvement in the process, not the timeline. []

  2. We're discounting various items I'm too lazy to figure out into all this, such as my mining of a Shiny Rock claim for her - hey, another type of complex arrangement right there - and supplying her with 100 Disgusting Goop and 100 Strong Branches of high quality, and taking her 500 odd Strong Branches of lower quality (which will be great to make PPBs, which are needed in Chetty Sticks which she needs to find mushrooms and on it goes). []
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