In which codewhores and camwhores

Tuesday, 28 October, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, the camwhore.i

Her Someone should of said something! lol
Me I could have, but I enjoy watching you discover things. Apparently, you're smart.

Her That is a terrible rumour. I'm a natural blond.
Me Did you go to school ?

Her Yes I did. And finished :P Yay me.
Me What ?

Her I didn't drop out?
Me What did you finish I mean.ii

Her I finished all the years needed for school.
Me So highschool, no college ?

Her I am studying via correspondence. Home schooling. I have 2 modeling diplomas (don't judge).
Me Studying what ?

Her Senior bookkeeping. I have a beginners programming certificate. I wanted to go to college to study and become a photographer - they lost my application and I just left it. Was also too late for me to register again.
Me I think you're probably smart enough to work with computers.

Her Sometimes I am the wrong colour.
Me How's that ?

Her Affirmative Action. You have to hire black people. Some companies don't have another choice.
Me Ridiculous. But! Listen to me : a) you can actually teach yourself to code, it's not hardiii and it doesn't cost anything ; b) if you can code you can work over the Internet, so bullshit nigger-politics don't matter.

Her I'm not racist, but the government are money spending idiots.
Me That's pretty much everywhere.

Her Hey found a site offers free bitcoins. What's to lose? I'm the type to believer every cent counts.
Me That's how your type ends up enslaved, ayeah.

Her I will not be a slave :/
Me But you are. Here, let me explain it to you : ever drank a glass of water ?
Her Yes....

Me But you know that water likes it on the floor. In fact, if it had a choice, all water would always be on the floor. Now... how come you can drink a glass of water at all ? Why doesn't it jump out to go on the floor ?
Her Does the water put the lotion on the skin?

Me Lol. You see, water is the type to believe every cent counts. So it predictably won't go over the tip of the glass. Because every cent counts. Even if the floor is right there, a milimeter away. And so it sits in glasses and safely behind dams.

Now, the codewhore.iv


They could at least vaguely describe their process/tools.

And you'll believe?

For the record, description is not strictly a belief-driven phenomenon. Consider at its most basic, schooling. Teacher describes to you grammar. Do you believe ? No, if you're in any way sane, not right off. But eventually what was a hypothesis gets tested out. The wot, incidentally, works on exactly the same premise. One can make any declaration one wishes. It's not believed per se, but that's irrelevant. As time goes by confirmation either mounts or does not.

Himv In this case - belief.
Me I don't see how a case can be different from any other in a system where "one can make any declaration".vi

Him Namely, in the case of the physical coins, the only way to know whether you'll be fucked is - when you are.
Me Business is not a matter of certain truth. The way to know how long your cock is is to ask god, because obviously measurement will yield an error.

Him Let's rephrase - the only information you will ever get re: being fucked, in the case of the physcoins, is being fucked.
Me Not so. This is like saying "the only way to identify boys from girls is as you're moaning".

Him How exactly can Mr. Physcoin prove that he did not use mersenne twister for N....N+k for some N?vii
Me You can at the very least obtain the "most likely to fuckceed" information on a set of identifiable, different providers.viii

Him How?
Me Compare fuckhistory. (Incidentally, it occurs to me that while some start-ups succeed, a vast majority suckceed.)

Him For physcoins - that's like measuring proton decay. Hasn't happened, afaik.
Me This is much weaker than your original statement tho.

Him If I recall, that was, that none of these folks have much incentive to speak up re: process.
Me And this is a cognate of "there's no point getting in the wot, I have real world friends"

Him Lol.
Me Similarly of, "I have no interest signing other people's code". Which, incidentally, Ima make a post about, cause this is starting to coallesce in my head.

* has interest! but not for phree.

There's very little more to say, but let's say it anyway. There are three randomlyix chosen processes here. One is learning [how to code]. The other is taking your clothes off [online]. The third is starting a relationship.

They all have a very similar structure, in that they require actual commitment, certain and expensive, and offer no guarantees. They are, in that order, the gatewaysx the child encounters on his road to maturity (aka death) : learning, stripping, fucking, if you will. And if you won't, you'll will something else at some point or other, somewhere or other, because the name for "not" in this context is "autism".

So now : the camwhore is going to take my advice and spend her time to learn "how to code" which is something she can't evaluate, or not. Everyone is going to take my our advice and get into the WoT, which is something they can't evaluate. Or not. The codewhore is going to take nobody's advice and start auditing other people's code and sign on the results.xi Not for free, of course, but for the signature. The benefits of which one can't evaluatexii, the drawbacks of which are certain.

After people take the jump and undertake certain effort for unevaluable payoff there can be such a thing as the city, and culture, and ginger and spice and everything nice. Before that there can be nothing except the village, which mysteriously is a place all kids hope to leave as soon as humanly possible, with its three goats and a coop.

I sincerely hope I am not the bearer of bad news in this matter.

  1. Which she isn't, but when has that stopped anyone ?! []
  2. Because I live in a world where of course you got whatever worthless, pointless college degree. Yay me. []
  3. It isn't. And I don't mean the sort of webretardation the redditard monkeys think of, either. []
  4. Obviously. []
  5. Girl brains are visually oriented, see ? So of course coderwhore'd be a boy. Right ? []
  6. Think about it. How would you distinguish cases ? []
  7. This path is not useful, incidentally. Not all problems are to be approached directly. []
  8. This is enough to break the "all information you'll ever get" statement. []
  9. Stochastically, really, but it's the same damned thing isn't it. []
  10. Most stories, and certainly the stories that I grew up with, have the young prince on "the road to Damascus" encounter three monsters. A coincidence, which is to say random occurence, which is to say stochastic, which is to say obviously. []
  11. My idea was that signed commits are no good - signed reviews are required. See the discussion here. []
  12. They are however present - as one risks one's neck one develops a reputation, that reputation is valuable and the basis of employment. Not the common sort of employment, as a three ring bound slave, but the proper, as an independent agent, capable to make his own decisions and expected to do so. []
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