The vocative comma

Friday, 18 January, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Cunegonde One of the better explanations of this I've seen :


Don Issachar Ahahahaa. "One of the better explanations of why I misuse the comma in English : I want to participate in the vocative comma convention, something some idiots are doing to palliate the disappearance of the vocative case in their barbarbar cvasi-language thing". Right. It impresses.

Cunegonde That's bs. It's purely functional.
Don Issachar No.

Cunegonde Lol no. That picture is accurate.
Don Issachar Looky here :

    I ate girl = Am mincat fata.
    I ate, girl = Am mincat, fato!

Real languages have THE VOCATIVE CASE.

Cunegonde Okay.
Don Issachar Retarded half-language of idiots English HAD vocative case, back before it retardified further.

Cunegonde If you're going to use a non-real language though, THEN why not use it so it says what you mean?
Don Issachar If I use you, I do not use you as what you are. I use you as what you could be.

Cunegonde K... what's that to do here?
Don Issachar Same ?

Cunegonde Lol. The fact that I use commas correctly doesn't imply that I think English is a great language structurally or something. Sure there are all kinds of problems.
Don Issachar Except correctly is actually kinda dumb.

Cunegonde And incorrectly is arguably more correct, but in a protest sorta way that trips up meaning.
Don Issachar Yeah. Exactly the sort of thing I do.

Cunegonde It's like if I were programming in php and I decided that the language has been written to include some bullshit syntax that shouldn't be that way, so I won't use their bs. Well... well fine! But now my thing doesn't work.
Don Issachar :) To be perfectly fair, the original example (am mincat fata) is wrong as noted. It would need a thingy over the last a, otherwise it reads as "I ate the girl".

Cunegonde Right.
Don Issachar I don't use the things over As in Romanian. Same exact arguments are constantly brought there too. And re coding : languages which force you to employ devices you think are wrong are wrong. That's pretty much the entire gist of why people don't use dumbass languages.

Cunegonde K.

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