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Tuesday, 22 October, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This is going to be one of those multipart humiliation congas I do sometimes. Let us proceed.

October 10

ThickAsThieves MP, please write a Here's Why Everyone That Wants Decentralized Exchanges is Moron post, assuming you havent already.
jurov There was kinda such discussion with asciilifeform's proposal on this topic.

mircea_popescu Skinnkavaj has a very interesting take on the world :D

skinnkavaj mircea_popescu: What?
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves the relevant bit there is, after the third time Bitcoinica was raped, the "bitcoin consultancy" group of dorks self proclaimed into importance & relevance decided to shut it down. After which one of them, the fabled Amir Taaki, stole the code and published it, in what his foggy brain represented as "open sourcing". Supposedly if you torrent some movie you're also open sourcing it, cause you don't need a license in the first place to cede rights. Anyway. The code contained a lot of good bits including enough info to reconstruct a pw, which resulted in some [more] lost btc..

LorenzoMoney Yes, a decentralized stock exchange would be wonderful, wouldn't it. And why are they morons? Oh becauseyou are a fascist! Yes, bet you love Heinlein also.
skinnkavaj mircea_popescu: Did you respond to my comment I just made in neobee
mircea_popescu skinnkavaj no it was about the btctc "you're already rich" thing.

skinnkavaj Isn't it true? Does Burnside need the money?
mircea_popescu No, it's not true. Burnside is poor now, for one. His btct never made anything for the mention, for the other. Moreover, poor idiots should not have access to code that SEEMS like it's doing something of that nature because they'll just fuck their lives up.

skinnkavaj mircea_popescu: Didn't both litecoinglobal and btct have very huge fees? Ofc Burnside is rich.
mircea_popescu They had very huge fees. He is not rich. Go figure.

mod6 ThickAsThieves:
jurov And this is not abut Burnside. Now there's at least some technical barrier to keep your average noob/scammer from starting his own exchange.
mircea_popescu ^. To start his own WEBSITE which he misrepresents as an exchange.

skinnkavaj Yeah like a free market hurts. LOL. And you are into bitcoin. Because its sold to a company?
mircea_popescu A collectiojn of idiots being confused about what they do != a free market.

skinnkavaj So your argument is like, with open source everything that comes out is just crap? And you are using bitcoin. Lmao. Maybe we should sell bitcoin to a company.
pankkake "yes, bet you love Heinlein also" wat
mircea_popescu No. My argument is that you are ill equipped to consider things, as displayed by the very dubious generalisation you just tripped yourself with.

skinnkavaj Genius
jurov skinnkavaj: I have seen myself some offers on freelancer "build me a bitcoin exchange", they were obviously clueless on first read. It's just better for everyone if they don't.
ThickAsThieves MP your colored coins article doesnt address many other problems
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves so point them out. Anyway, " Burnside's not sure if he can reliably wipe all passwords" << no, just not sure how to cleanly remove the "give scammers fake btc to fake their volume" code.

ThickAsThieves the argument of course shifts depending on what problem it is people are trying to solve with decentralization
mircea_popescu Of course.
ThickAsThieves Your points are mostly technical, involving the blockchain as being impractical. I'd argue the concept itself is a unicorn. Powers will always become ordered, dismantled, ordered, etc.

skinnkavaj So what? With a free markey, people will choose where to go. Which one sets up the best BTCT clone will win in the end.
jurov skinnkavaj: Nope. The one who will manage to keep the bitcoins safe will win.
skinnkavaj Exactly what i said but in other words.
mircea_popescu No, not exacvtly what you said at all. Forum retards move to what SEEMS TO THEM a better alternative. Then they lose their btc. Which is ok because new retards come in. If this process is allowed to become "what Bitcoin is" then Bitcoin will never be anything. And a bunch of rich powerful people are here to fuck you in the mouth until you bleed rather than let that happen. I dunno how it can be made clearer. "Free market" indeed.i

skinnkavaj No, people use the service because its good. Thats the free market. Do you realize why everyone is abonding mtgox?

I will gloss over the insane humour of random noob asking the guy that killed gox if he realises why gox died and proceed to the next part in this :

October 20

skinnkavaj pankkake: What are you investing in? Where do you put your money? Always so skeptical to things you dont know anything about, just open your mouth carelessly.
mircea_popescu Skinnkavaj nah, you're the carelessly dood.

pankkake In all seriousness, I do not want to give investment advice. I am not claiming I am the greatest investor ever, as I am not. I did many mistakes especially at first.
skinnkavaj pankkake: You are gonna get so burned. Both cryptoave and LTC is going to go up in value. I will come back in first of Dec. and say "i told you so" in your face.
pankkake Then bet on Litecoin to fall below .01 BTC before 2014 and take my money :)ii
skinnkavaj No I rather invest direclty in LTC and CryptoAve.iii LTC is gonna turn around.
pankkake Anyway, I have no idea if LTC will go up in value, what I know however is that it is now an useless altcoin.
skinnkavaj Do you realize how much exposure LTC has gotten from Piratebay? Or wikileaks?iv

And of course, the crowning moment,

skinnkavaj Lol pankkake. Making fun of himself in a Litecoin is dead thread.
ozbot Litecoin dead ?
pankkake ozbot: yes.
skinnkavaj ozbot: Lol. Look at all altcoins, litecoin is the number 1 in acceptance overall. Piratebay and Wikileaks use it. Founder of it works in Coinbase. Mtgox is around the corner. It's the first scrypt coin with no premine (NVC). It has the marketing effect "Silver to Gold".
pankkake ozbot is a bot :/
skinnkavaj Who cares
nubbins` hahaha
assbot Last 4 lines bashed and pending review.

No wait, I lied. The crowning moment is now :

October 22

mircea_popescu skinnkavaj how's litecoin doing these days ?
skinnkavaj mircea_popescu: It's crashing really hard as expected. From 1st of November the uptrend starts.

mircea_popescu Wait, "as expected" now ?
skinnkavaj Yes.

mircea_popescu You're getting a feature piece over this lol.
skinnkavaj I said low will be 0.007 LTC/BTC

mircea_popescu Nope. The first time you mentioned this "0.007" was yesterday. So no, you didn't "say".

Meanwhile trends continue :


Dare you even look at a LTC/BTC graph for the past month ?v

  1. This of course resulted into And now I shall be off scarfing smoked salmon and fresh apple pie seasoned with free market tears, or Why a collection of confused retards does not amount to a free market. []
  2. That bet closed the Yes way. Quote a comment there,
    sucks :( i lost this bet AND i lost about 60% of my ltc value... :(


  3. Because, of course, the old pumper problem. []
  4. Definitely more than Bitcoin, herp. []
  5. Does this wunderkind remind you of anyone in particular ? []
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