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Saturday, 23 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Since the ratio of "pieces of email I've received telling me about what the sender misunderstood in my previous article" to "pieces delivered by people who actually put the effort into doing what told to do" is rapidly approaching infinity, might as well throw more words at the problem. For best productivity these are only half mine.

Slavegirl I hate it personally and deeply and likely shouldn't be trusted to render an objective judgement.
Rapist Yes but do tell.

Slavegirl I get that she's an idiot for her misconceptions and her misplaced outrage. I get that it's a joke on her, if you're so sensitive to things that aren't even sexual let's dish out the actual bad stuff.
Rapist Right.

Slavegirl But that's not lighthearted, that's vicious, and acting like it's instead lighthearted because rape is okay to do to stupid people ...I hate that.
Rapist Being a bitch is ok to do to castrated white young men, however being vicious is not ok to do to some woman. Why are some abuses acceptable ?

Slavegirl Being a bitch != raping. At all.
Rapist I can rape her. She begs me not to. She can rape them. She does. Wtf ? Some abuse is better than other ?

Slavegirl Some abuse affects the victim more than others.
Rapist That's a case by case debate.

Slavegirl Ok, this is the case.
Rapist Ok. In this case, no.

Slavegirl Posting a picture of people sitting in chairs on twitter and saying what they said isn't cool comes nowhere near the same country in which the arena of rape is situated. It comes not to the same planet. Nor the same galaxy.
Rapist But... this is posting a picture of a woman and saying rape.

Slavegirl "Gotta practice your rape moar." this is promoting rape. Whether it's the intention or not.
Rapist Yes. But by rape we mean making photochops.

Slavegirl Making up pictures of it and paying for them and encouraging "practice" etc.
Rapist I am using the word in a photochoppy way. If they can use dongles in a sexual way... why not.

Slavegirl You are dancing around with it, so far as I can tell.
Rapist It's the new thing. Redefine words. I can do it as well as anyone. Actually better, cause I'm a trained expert.

Slavegirl Hey, I have no doubt that you can take any disgusting thing you want to and twist it around and play with contexts and turn it back on someone who was misusing something clean. That doesn't mean it's not disgusting.
Rapist I have no argument. It IS disgusting. It's as disgusting as I could make it, really. And I flatter myself with the notion that it's pretty close to the limit of how distgusting things could be in principle.

Slavegirl Well here are some assertions: 1. Adria Richards will not understand. 2. Your participants, if any, will not understand. 3. n people will walk away "understanding" that you fully endorse rape.
Rapist Art is rarely understood.

Slavegirl Why does the entire world have to suffer because some stupid idiot was being an idiot at some stupid conference?
Rapist Because the world failed to censure them.

Slavegirl I don't think this is going to change that. Not that you've proposed it as a goal. I guess I just wish if you're going to rake at nerves that the outcome can at least vaguely be anticipated as ultimately positive, and I don't see that happening in a thousand years. Obviously what I'd like is neither here nor there. Really though... if it produces or encourages one more fucking sexist asshole ...aren't there enough already?!
Rapist Honey. Understand something. Art is never comfortable. Art is never productive, at least not before it's made. In order to ever do anything worth doing you're stuck doing smelly, stupid, ugly things

Slavegirl [Points to classical painting] I find this very comfortable. Very comfortable indeed.
Rapist Now. What's your idea here, stick to copying old masters ?

Slavegirl My idea here is to not represent reprehensible things as being okay. Whether it's for fun, for jokes, for money, for subversion, for art, for anything.
Rapist This is concern trolling, at its core.

Slavegirl How's that?
Rapist If I agree with this nonsense (which is what it is), it can indefinitely then be twisted to censure perfectly valid expression on the grounds that someone somewhere might misunderstand it. What people understand, if anything at all, is upon them. None of my business and none of my interest really.

Slavegirl Well then for all you know you've wasted the last couple of years paying any attention to what goes on in btc because all of the idiots and scammers are really just creating an artistic theatre which you've misunderstood, and the blame cannot be upon them, since it's on us to understand.
Rapist But we do understand it. We understand it just fine.

Slavegirl Heh. So will everyone who reads your article.
Rapist The problem is we understand it so well we can heckle them and they have no answers.

Slavegirl Obviously in this ridiculous world in which it was theatre, the not having answers would just be a part.
Rapist That's fine :) Incidentally, it's what the aussie scammer/idiot guy is trying : the theory whereby him being steamrolled into a treat by MPOE-PR simply means that's what his part is like.

Slavegirl Anyway the important point isn't that other people will misunderstand, really. If the objection to the woman is (something along the lines of) that she's disconnected from reality and is bitching about, I don't at all see how a proper response is to stuff truth into a silly hat and parade it around. The truth deserves respect, she failed to give it.
Rapist No. The objection is that she is sexually abusing vulnerable young men. Just because this is fashionable at the moment and raping women is not fashionable at the moment doesn't mean it's right. Raping women was fashionable a century ago, and doing what she did to boys was not. I didn't agree with the state of affairs then, either.

Slavegirl ...she is what?!
Rapist She is sexually abusing vulnerable young men.

Slavegirl She took a picture of a couple of guys (not children, not teens, this young men of yours is misrepresentative. Am I a young woman?!) sitting down in a crowd.
Rapist Yes.

Slavegirl And posted the picture in a public forum along with her misunderstood ideas about what they were saying.
Rapist Yes.

Slavegirl This is "sexual abuse"?
Rapist Yes.

Slavegirl How the fuck?
Rapist "He took his penis out and put it inside the part of her body which functions as a penis intake" - this is sexual abuse ?! How the fuck ?!

Slavegirl That on its own isn't abuse, what are you on about?
Rapist The interaction was a. unwanted ; b. unwarranted ; c. improper and d. of a sexual nature. That's sexual abuse, and I'm on about you reducing the form to function and pretending like you're amazed. The same can always be done about anything with the same results.

Slavegirl Alright, I suppose you have a point. I'm sorry I didn't see it. I think there's an absolutely huge line between verbal and physical abuse in this respect, but okay, I see it.
Rapist Absolutely huge line. Part of my protest is calling rape things which aren't physical.

Slavegirl Did she do that?
Rapist She has a history of that crap. Did you read linked article incidentally ?

Slavegirl I read that. Oh, well the first picture. Fucking people with these blog layouts I can't tell what's ad and what's content and what's menu anymore ffs. Let's see...

Unequivocally, each of us would have been very receptive to Adria if she’d just approached us instead of attacked us.

To be fair, the writer here is essentially bringing an usagi argument, ie person who has a problem shouldn't make problem public but should talk to me alone about it so I can "fix it" without anyone else knowing. Maybe the consideration of how broken her "thoughts" are should come before the consideration of how she broadcasts them. Anyway.
Rapist Kay.

Slavegirl So... what can be said, in the end. I understand your pov.
Rapist Okay.

Slavegirl I don't think it's "wrong" or "right", and I have no idea whether it's good or not. I hate it, like I said on a deep personal level, but by definition that has little bearing on the thing itself, I have to admit.
Rapist Well, so you're wise. I don't particularly like it either. Living in the world is however messy.

Slavegirl How do we know that's necessarily true? Experience? Failure to show the converse?
Rapist Experience mostly. Trying to live cleanly in the world makes one live a very strange, perverse life.

Slavegirl Are strange and perverse always bad?
Rapist Nope. But they may not be what you want.

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